Absolutely Organics Garden Supply. A healthy, organic garden produces strong plants that are able to withstand adverse conditions. Creating a healthy garden can become the tools needed to explore, change, and enhance our daily lives.
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We started as a small company and we were eager to find customers who wanted alternatives to the traditional approach of using synthetic chemicals to feed plants and to control pests, weeds, and diseases in the garden.

Fortunately, growing number of people are working to promote a thoughtful, cautious stewardship of the biosphere, and are questioning agricultural practices that achieve fast results at the cost of damaging our drinking water, soil fertility and cause soil erosion.

Many local residents unequivocally declare gardening as their favorite pastime. For some, this hobby is as simple as planting a tomato, adding a new rose bush or two, and sowing seeds for a summer flower garden -- all obtained from their neighborhood nursery.

We decided to supply these conscious home gardeners and everyone else with safe, organic gardening products; the same products that many commercial growers use and keep secret.